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Parking Lot Paving

MD Eco Paving & Asphalt Maintenance Ltd is your go-to parking lot paving contractor in the local area. We offer state-of-the-art paving solutions from small crack repairs to accessibility improvements, we do it all. When you choose us for your parking lot paving, you’ll benefit from improved convenience, safety, and curb appeal for your commercial or residential property. 

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MD Eco Paving & Asphalt Maintenance Ltd’s Top-Tier Parking Lot Paving

Paving your parking lot requires a tried and trusted team of parking lot paving contractors to ensure your needs are effectively met at a competitive rate. That’s why we offer an assessment and consultation to each of our clients. The initial assessment process allows us to tailor our paving solutions to your precise needs and budget. This will allow us to avoid unnecessary expenses that increase project costs and prolong timelines.

On-site, detailed, and using the right techniques, our specialists will cover every ground during an initial inspection such as:

  • The nature of the substrate
  • Topography type
  • Water drainage
  • Type of asphalt and materials

Our Parking Lot Paving Services

We work closely with you to deliver personalized parking lot paving solutions. While we develop a custom plan for you, here are the general steps we follow when we carry out our paving services:

  • Demolishing and clearing your site of the existing surface such as asphalt, paver, concrete or vegetation.
  • Grading of the surface to allow for proper water run-off.
  • Preparing the sub-base to provide durable support for the pavement.
  • Proofing the sub-base to correct soft spots by digging and replacing or consolidating the underlying soil with aggregate materials that provide better support.
  • Adding the binder layer on the sub-base. Consider the binder layer as the spine of the new surface that will be laid upon it, so we ensure we don’t cut corners when executing this step.
  • Installing the new surface for a smooth and stunning finish.
  • Smoothing transition areas to allow for a seamless finish, appropriate water run-off, and great user experience.
  • Compacting the surface using a roller to make your parking lot pavement smooth.

Whether we need to use one or all of these steps, you can count on us to get the job done right.

High-Quality Parking Lot Paving You Can Rely On

We’re a parking lot paving company that stands behind our work 100% and are committed to achieving excellence in every task. We set out to achieve this using our experience, best-in-class industry expertise, and technologies.

We are trusted for:

  • Using genuine, industry-grade materials, including asphalt, gravels, sealants, etc.
  • Designing effective water drainage to prevent damages caused by standing water.
  • Giving special attention to the sub-base so that it will be able to support the weight of traffic.
  • Providing professionals that employ the best techniques, technologies, and approaches as stipulated to meet and exceed construction and safety standards.

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MD Eco Paving & Asphalt Maintenance Ltd delivers quality project completion on-time and on-budget marked by excellent customer support, industry best practices, and fairly priced parking lot paving solutions. Our friendly experts are standing by. Get in touch now to discuss your project today.

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