Parking Lot Resurfacing in Edmonton

A parking lot is the first impression clients have to your business and guests to your residential complex. Make it count.

MD Eco Paving & Asphalt Maintenance Ltd is the local leader in parking lot resurfacing and can give you a newly paved surface without the high price tag of a parking lot dig up.

We will leave you with a brand new surface that lasts. Contact us now at (587) 989-5643 to get started.


No-Obligation Consultation for Your Parking Lot

When you call us, one of our team members will schedule a consultation and assessment at a time that works best for you. We’ll provide you with proper damage assessment and cost-effective solutions to the surface and base level damages of your parking lot.

Asphalt Parking Lots

Asphalt is commonly used in parking lots because it can outlast harsh weather and heavy traffic—it won’t break the bank, either. But unfortunately, it is not a forever material. 

Inevitably, especially when not maintained, it will show signs of weakness. Cracks will deepen into ruptures, potholes will expand immeasurably, and water will infiltrate. Tired, broken asphalt can reach the point of no return. Salvage what you can. That’s where we come in. You need asphalt resurfacing, and we are the company for the job. 

MD Eco Paving & Asphalt Maintenance Ltd: Professional Parking Lot Repaving

To the layman, the work required to repair and prevent potholes, cracks, standing water, and ‘alligator’ ruptures will certainly seem intimidating and labor-intensive. After years of damage from water, traffic, sun, ice, salt, gas, and oil, can the area really be made new again? How could something so broken and bumpy ever be returned to a pristine state of smooth?

Rest assured, MD Eco Paving & Asphalt Maintenance Ltd is the leader among asphalt resurfacing companies in the area. With our years of experience, quality materials, and commercial-grade machinery, we can restore your parking lot and make it look new again.

Expert Parking Lot Resurfacing Services

We offer a wide range of services at an exceptional level of expertise. Some of these are:

  • Demolition, digging and cleaning and clearing away all old asphalt
  • Verification of base and sub-base foundation for sturdiness
  • Ensuring your parking lot is properly leveled and graded
  • Replacing and adding all required drainage structures
  • Perfecting all joints and transitions
  • Edge milling
  • Finding the best resurfacing options for your parking lot
  • And more!

Asphalt Resurfacing for All Types of Parking Lots

Hiring our expert paving contractors will ensure efficiency and quality in materials, professionalism, and results. 

We have resurfacing experience in the following parking lots:

  • Hospitals
  • Educational facilities from daycares to college campuses
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping malls or strip malls
  • Restaurants
  • Parks
  • Movie Theaters
  • Residential housing
  • Any facility big or small

Contact the Best Parking Lot Resurfacing Company in Edmonton

We are happy to supply all interested clients with a free quote, but we don’t stop there. We go a step further and tell you how you can maximize the life of your newly repaved lot, with affordable, preventative maintenance.  Never again does your parking lot have to become the deteriorated danger zone it is now. 

Pick up the phone now and make that a thing of the past.  Call us, and we will pave the way to a perfect parking lot today. Call (587) 989-5643.